Today’s business world is very demanding. Competences in varied fields must continuously be broadened, enhanced and improved. People often feel the need to reflect on and discuss professional issues with a coach. As your coach we would first work on clarifying your wishes and then on defining (a) goal(s). After that I support you in finding and assessing possibilities you have to realize your plans.

The coaching process is usually completed after a few sessions – with a few weeks between the sessions.

Possible topics for coaching can be

  • Finding an appropriate work-life balance
  • Finding solutions for troubling issues at your work
  • Improving your leadership
  • Improving your capacity for teamwork
  • Avoiding and preventing mobbing
  • Improving your time management
  • And whatever your individual wish might be…

If you are interested in coaching contact me per phone or mail. We will arrange an appointment for our cost free 30-minute meeting. We will get to know each other and have time to clarify your wishes / concerns. After our meeting you can take your time to decide whether or not you would like to work with me.